Cardmanager, the Outdoor Payment Terminal range, is a complex retail and management self-service payment solution which meets all requirements for the operation of petrol stations. Cardmanagers are equipped with a touch screen that allows intuitive operation. Its easily connected to our ECR monitoring and central systems, or other control systems e.g. DOMS. OPTs can be operated completely independently in fully unattended petrol stations. All models accept a wide range of non-cash payment methods. The full version OPT also features multi-currency cash acceptance.

We also offer a module for collecting points into loyalty systems and accepting various vouchers with a barcode or QR code. This is available for all models. Basic station management tasks, such as registering fuel deliveries, can be performed on fuel dispensers in fully unattended petrol stations. All models allow direct control of all common European-made dispensers. An additional option is to control a Car Wash technology for self-service car wash programs. Each device is connected to the service centre by the ECR Monitoring application for remote management and monitoring of the operation.

OPT Cardmanager product range covers all customers’ requirements

Types of construction

  • freestanding (stand-alone)
  • built into the kiosk of the petrol station
  • built into the head of the dispenser

Payment methods

  • bank cards
  • fleet cards
  • station cards and RF chips
  • vouchers
  • cash (CZK, EUR, PLN, HUF)

OPT supports

  • fuel dispensers, Ad-Blue dispensers
  • CNG, LNG, H2 technology 
  • EV chargers
  • carwash
  • price signs and level gauges
  • camera surveillance

Management methods

  • ECR EuroShop3, other ECR
  • central Web Office system
  • basic management via a web application
  • local control in the internal company network

Production facilities for all OPT models are in the Brno Technology Park.


More than 1 200 installations of freestanding series since 2008 in Czech, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary and Poland.

CardManager Full

Convenient model allowing all types of payments including cash acceptance.

CardManager Compact

The best-selling model, designed to accept all non-cash payments.

CardManager Compact ATEX

Meets the conditions for installation in areas with an explosion hazard.

CardManager Mini

Simplified most economy version accepts all types of non-cash payments.

CardManager Wet & Dry

Combines a classic fuel dispenser with a large 32″ touchscreen display. It allows ordering of refreshments during refuelling. The unique double-sided construction is designed for large petrol stations with food services to mount on an island near the dispensers.

CardManager Built-in

Built-in OPT can be integrated into all European dispensers (Tokheim, Wayne, Gilbarco, ADAST, Tatsuno, and others).

CardManager video


For detailed information, please visit our product website: CardManager