Centralized solution for corporate customers

EuroShop Head Office System is a comprehensive central system designed to manage and control the chain of petrol stations. The system supports a link to economic systems such as SAP, Oil & GAS, SAP Retail. The latest generation is accessible from any mobile device connected to the Internet.

This complex central system designed to control and manage the network of service stations and allows to access all information across the whole network, irrespective to their number. With HOS it is possible to manage all areas of the business.

The system also provides:

  • Service of Central Data Backup 
  • Option to connect service stations of individual partners into one network
  • Option to connect  franchise partners
  • Remote maintenance and software update


Category management (articles/article groups) – is focused on products management at all company levels. It determines rules and conditions for goods sale at the filling stations. Local products can be created and allowed to selected stations. Requests for product listing are solved here also. Module divides products to selected categories and simplifies their management. It is basic part of non-oil business at station retail.

Price management – this module provides price change of fuels in the network of the stations. For its purposes is possible divided stations into defined groups which helps manage company price policy. Changes can be done manually or automatically according to set rules. Competitors prices are also monitored here and used for prices calculation.

Daily and Monthly accounting (billing PS & Head quarter) – this module monitors all sale data from petrol stations which are used for reconciliation and invoicing between stations and headquarters.

Logistics module is used for fuel delivery monitoring and other fuel movement management. All deliveries are controlled and approved from responsible headquarter department. It is important part of fuel loses prevention.

Margin module is connected to fuel delivery and margin management in the network of the stations.

Reporting module provides all data reporting and export to other formats e.g. PDF, XLS, CSV.

Station customers module creates groups of station customers and manage their restrictions profiles which determinate allowed assortment of products at the stations.

Marketing –  all rules and conditions of network promotions are set here. Promotions can have set duration, contained products and area of validity.