EuroShop Head Office System is a comprehensive central system designed to manage and control a network of petrol stations. It works effectively over smaller networks, starting from two stations, as well as over large networks with dozens of businesses. The latest generation of our central solution is available from any computer or mobile device connected to the Internet. It can also be linked to economic systems such as SAP, Oil & GAS, SAP Retail, Helios as well as third-party subcontractors.

The Head Office System can be connected to a station equipped with the EuroShop3 system as well as to an unmanned station equipped with only the Cardmanager or CardManager Compact. Web Office is easy to use not only from your PC, but also from your tablet and mobile phone. This gives the Web Office user an overview of what is happening at service stations at anytime. It also gives you the opportunity to manage your stations from anywhere.

Our central systems successfully manage several large branded networks not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. Previous versions work exclusively through VPN communication. The latest generation of our solution – Web Office, is already developed as a web application, accessible from any device connected to the public Internet. Applications and data transfers between petrol stations and the central office both operate via a secure encrypted connection, which guarantees, that data cannot be compromised during transmission or unauthorized access.rom anywhere.

Web Office also allows:

  • Central backup of data that is provided as a part of service
  • Connecting partners‘ service stations into a single network
  • Joining the franchise service stations
  • Continuous update

Web Office – description of functionalities