At UNICODE, we specialize in providing cutting-edge hosting solutions for central systems such as EuroShop Web Office, FEP Authorisation Centre, MEP Mobile Payments, PowerHUB EV charger management, and more.

By utilizing our Data Centre (DC) services, our customers avoid the substantial investment and ongoing maintenance concerns of operating their own data centres. Our DC infrastructure ensures seamless system operations with high availability, robust data storage, archiving capabilities, and stringent physical and IT security measures aligned with industry standards.

Our two data centres in Prague and Brno are interconnected as a geocluster, guaranteeing uninterrupted access to applications. This interconnected network ensures data security and availability across both locations. Our central systems are deployed in Active/Active mode within a private cloud setup, maximizing the benefits for our clients.

At UNICODE, our data centres boast powerful servers and high-speed backup data links. We prioritize physical security, locating our data centres within T-Mobile premises under constant surveillance and restricted access, reinforced by personal security cards and biometric authentication.

Committed to uninterrupted service delivery, our data centres adhere to the most stringent operational standards, ensuring continuous availability of our services for system operators and their end customers.