We run our own Unicode Data Center (DCU) with Geo-cluster architecture.
It is built on modern technologies delivered by leading Microsoft, DELL EMC and Cisco IT manufacturers.

Secure authorization and connection

We operate the Unicode Data Center at our business partner T-Mobile (formerly GTS), where we have our long-term rented premises with 24/7 supervision and strictly limited access based on a personal security card and biometrics.

We meet the strictest parameters of continuous operation:

  • Multiple fused power supply
  • Redundant high-speed Internet access through dedicated links
  • Laser fire protection system
  • Very efficient environmentally friendly cooling

Based on these parameters and regular updates of our central systems, we provide our customers with high availability (HA) services.

Part of the DCU is a fleet card acceptance authorization cluster based on Thales and Ingenico technologies. The Thales cryptographic security solution (HSM) is the world leader in secure key generation and storage and computationally demanding cryptographic operations. These modules are used by banks all over the world to verify bank transactions, ATM withdrawals, etc.

By combining the products of these reputable companies and securing communication with encryption protocols, we guarantee our customers the security of all transmitted and processed data. All applications of our DCU are regularly audited. Audits are carried out both internally and by our customers and partners.