This information system represents a comprehensive information system for the operation of service stations. It is based on 20 years of experience in service stations and its development is still ongoing. Innovation is based on both the experience with small service stations and transnational chains. It is therefore an ideal solution for petrol stations of all types and sizes. Thanks to the composition of each function module, the system easily adapts to all the requirements of each operator.

The EuroShop 3 system consists of:
Point of Sale – it sells fuel, dry goods and services
Back Office – features a station management tool
WEB Office – remote station management over the Internet

Data protection

EuroShop 3 protects all data with sophisticated data backup control. The backup can be done automatically or manually. The control system prevents misuse of access to the system and keeps your petrol station safe. The use of each functionality in the system is based on allocated user rights. The petrol station operator may set different user rights for each user at both, the cashier and the office.

System security feautures

  • Access to OS authorized
  • POS Standalone mode – 24 hours operation without database server
  • Access to OS authorized
  • Access based on user rights
  • UPS management

For detailed information, please visit our product website: mujeuroshop

Euroshop 3 – POS


The cash register provides the sale of goods and services controlled from the position of the station operator. EuroShop Cashier Ergonomics has been set for the fastest sale of fuels, dry goods and services. The state of stands is displayed throughout the whole refuelling process. The best-selling products can be set up to 360 favourite keys. The system accepts all types of payments. The cash register significantly supports active offers and overall sales growth. The user interface is pleasant and easy to use. The operator can easily check all processes at the service station, such as handling of the fuel, controlling dispenser stands, operating gastronomy equipment, etc. Colour design has been selected to protect user from eyes fatigue. 


  • Sale of fuel, dry goods and services
  • Controlling all types of fuel dispensers and service liquids incluing charging stations
  • Controlling price pools, level gauges, OPT Card Managers
  • Acceptance of all types of payments
  • Billing, discount and prepaid cards
  • Up to 360 favourite keys
  • Quick transaction clearance
  • Easy operation
  • Tools to increase sales
  • On-line connection to car wash
  • Operating the Restaurant – tables, self-service mode

Euroshop 3 – Back Office


Back Office is a key management tool directly at the petrol station, which enables fast and transparent operation of the entire petrol station. It allows to work on multiple tasks simultaneously in its split windows. The gas station manager can easily check the billing of each shift, warehouse status and fuel deliveries, all at the same time. Warehouse management also includes recipes for operating gastro at a service station. All service station data is available in transparent reports. Special attention is paid to promotions and active offers. Backoffice contains a powerful module for controlling risky operations at the cash register. User Profiles allow you to set user rights for each customer group. Back Office gives you the opportunity to manage every detail at your petrol station.


  • Billing of each shift of the petrol station
  • Detailed reports and charts
  • Stock management and pricing
  • Customer promotions
  • Inventory of goods during open hours, including sales monitoring
  • Automatic order suggestions
  • Automatic Billing
  • Printing rack price tags
  • Detailed operators’ control
  • Advanced User Rights Settings
  • Using MDE – Portable Data Terminals

Euroshop 3 – WEB Office


WEB Office is a remote service station management that is an integral part of EuroShop 3. It is available via a secure connection to the Internet. Thanks to this you can work with WEB Office from anywhere, where internet access is available. The application is ready for PC, tablet and mobile. The opening page displays key information about the status of the petrol station. If a customer has a network of petrol stations, it will first display overall summary information for the entire network, that can be filtered to individual stations. The basic overview is a semaphore system of the state of the tanks, suspicious operations at the cash register, a sales overview, and an overview of current fuel prices. The important daily information is therefore available to the user at any time and from anywhere.

WEB Office can also be used to control the service station for:

  • warehouse management – in the case of a petrol station network, each item can be assigned only to the service stations on which it will be active. The advantage is also the possibility of managing the suppliers on individual stations
  • the revaluation settings for fuel and dry goods – thanks to the semaphore system, when creating the Fuel reprising sheet, it is obvious at first glance, if the price is higher than the original one (the original one is red) or the price decreases (the original price is green.) Revaluation can be sent immediately or planned for a later date.
  • managing promotions
  • managing station customers and their cards

There are several types of sales reports, station customers, fuel prices, logistics of fuel and dry goods available.
Reports are downloaded into the used device in pdf or xls format, which is intended for further data processing.