ECR System EuroShop3 is a comprehensive Cash Register (POS) and Back Office (BOS) solution for the management and operation of petrol stations. The development is based on more than 20 years of experience in the field and we continuously improve the system according to current trends.

Thanks to the combination of individual functional modules, the system easily adapts to all requirements. It is therefore the ideal solution for petrol stations of all types and sizes. 

The system consists of:

Data protection

EuroShop3 is secured against data loss thanks to sophisticated management of regular automatic backups. The backup can be done manually when needed. Data protection in the system is also ensured by measures against misuse of unauthorized accesses. The use of each functionality is based on the assigned user rights. The service station operator can set different rights for each user at both, the cash register and the office.

System security feautures

  • Authorized access to the control system
  • POS STANDALONE operation mode
    (24 hours operation without database server)
  • Authorized access to the operating system
  • Access based on granted user rights
  • UPS management

The POS cash register provides the sale of fuel, goods, and services. It can also control other external petrol station technologies, such as electric charging stations, washer fl uid dispensers, price totems, car washes and more.

The status of the fuel dispensers is displayed for the entire time the cash register is running. Other cash register features include e.g. loyalty systems to support sales or monitor and motivate cashier behaviour. The cash register accepts all types of non-cash payments, the cash payments can be made in several currencies. Top-selling items can be set up as favourite keys.

The layout of the EuroShop3 POS user screen is tailored so that customers can be checked in
as quickly as possible. The screen user interface has intuitive ergonomics to speed up checkout operation and the pleasant colour design protects the cashier from eye strain.


  • Sale of fuel, dry goods and services
  • Controlling all types of fuel dispensers and service liquids including charging stations, price pools, level gauges, OPT Card Managers
  • Acceptance of all types of cash and non-cash payments
  • Billing, discount and prepaid cards
  • Up to 360 favourite keys
  • Quick transaction clearance, easy operation
  • Tools to increase sales
  • On-line connection to car wash
  • Operating the Restaurant – tables, self-service mode

Back Office is a key tool for petrol station management. It allows you to carry out the entire operational agenda – from orders, delivery lists or complete stock inventory reports, fleet cards or station cards management, invoicing, and many other necessary activities. For gastro operations a complete recipe solution with a link to the raw materials in the stock is available.

The solution includes extensive reporting from the generation of printouts to the export of data in various formats,
especially for the needs of various accounting systems. Special attention is paid to customer promotions and support of active sales offers. Back Offi ce also ensures high security of data handling, monitoring of risky transactions and the prevention of unauthorized actions, which ensures data security against unauthorized manipulation.

For example, a module for monitoring of risky operations performed at the cash register or a system of user profi les that allows you to set
access to data and system properties for each user individually. The concept of the solution also allows working on several tasks at the same time. In split windows, the petrol station manager can easily check, for example, shift statements, stock levels and fuel deliveries at once.


  • Shift closure
  • Detailed reports and charts
  • Stock management and pricing
  • Customer promotions
  • Inventory of goods during open hours, including sales monitoring
  • Automatic order suggestions
  • Automatic Billing and printing rack price tags
  • Detailed operators’ control
  • Advanced User Rights Settings
  • Using MDE – Portable Data Terminals

Web Office is a comprehensive central system designed to manage and control petrol station networks. The system is designed primarily for small and medium-sized networks, but also fully covers the needs of largest station networks as a middleware. It does not matter whether the petrol stations have regular ECR, OPT, or a combination of both. The functional concept of the Web Office solution is based on the Back Office functions, which are expanded by several additional functions necessary for the management of the petrol station network.

In the Web Office, it is possible to monitor and report key operational information for the entire network and for
individual stations or group of them. The application can be conveniently operated from computer, tablet, or mobile phone via a commonly available internet connection.

For a simple overview, especially when using a mobile device, the system‘s main screen can be set up to display key operational information – for
example, fuel tank levels, sales overview, summary of current fuel prices or indications of suspicious POS transactions. The Web Offi ce solution also includes a data export module to most standard accounting systems.


Management of dry goods & groups

Settings for the range of assortment and products sales conditions throughout the company. Goods may be permitted for all or only selected service stations. It also allows to manage requests for adding more products sent from individual stations. The division of goods into categories simplifies their management and evaluation of sales.

Dry goods & fuel pricing

These modules allow you to set prices of dry goods / fuel across the entire network of petrol stations. It is possible to divide the stations into individual groups within which the prices will be managed to facilitate the work for larger customers. Fuel and dry goods prices may vary from station to station. Revaluation can be planned for a specific date and time.

Service station accounting

This module monitors sales data of all service stations and processes them into the invoicing between the station and the central office.

Station customers

Within this module it is possible to manage individual station customers, issued cards, discount settings and restriction profiles of the assortment as well as bonus discount cards.


This module enables to set terms and conditions of promotions operated in the network of service stations or at selected stations.

Fuel logistics

This module monitors deliveries and other fuel handling operations at service stations. All fuel movements within the network are monitored and secondarily approved. It is a powerful tool for preventing fuel losses at service stations.


The invoicing terms are defined in a separate module.  It generates one invoice for transactions across the entire network for invoicing customers.


Complex overviews of all acquired data and their export to standard PDF, XLS, CSV formats.