ECR System EuroShop3

ECR System EuroShop3 is a comprehensive Cash Register (POS) and Back Office (BOS) solution for the management and operation of petrol stations. The development is based on more than 20 years of experience in the field and we continuously improve the system according to current trends. EuroShop3 is equipped with several functionalities which cover the needs of small service stations and large chains. It is therefore the ideal solution for petrol stations of all types and sizes.

Mobile Payments

A simple, fast and safe way to pay at your petrol stations. Enable your customers to make quick payments using their mobile phones as a secure payment terminal.


Card & Loyalty Systems

Fleet cards acceptance of international card issuers, Issuing your own fleet cards, Central loyalty and discount systems – all centralized authorization and loyalty systems are running on the infrastructure in our data centre.

OPT CardManager

CardManager product line is a suitable solution for any petrol station offering a variety of options. The operator has a unique opportunity to choose an OPT model and its configuration according to their individual needs. All types of payments are supported.

Forecourt Server

The Forecourt Server has been designed and developed to connect a wide range of used technologies to a service station and to protect against shutdown due to technical failure. This solution is suitable for stations of all types and sizes and can manage up to 32 refuelling places.

Enterprise Central Solutions

EuroShop Head Office System is a comprehensive central system designed to manage and control a network of petrol stations. It works efficiently over smaller networks, for example from two petrol stations, as well as over large networks with dozens of operations. The latest generation of our central solution is available from a computer or mobile device connected to the internet.