Our work does not end with the development and sale of our information systems. Our team of lecturers provide our customers with user documentation, new user training and subsequent user support throughout the use of our system. For 25 years, we’ve been developing point of sale systems for you and we train you to use them efficiently.

New User Training

When purchasing our new system, a trained user is a matter of course. The length of the training depends on the scope of functionalities of the system and it adapts to the modules purchased. Duration is from one day (e.g. Fuel systems) up to four days (e.g. EuroShop3 including all marketing modules).

We individually negotiate dates and timings of the training with our clients. Modules that need to be used before installation (such as Back Office) are trained in advance, and clients get a PC right after the training for data preparation. On the contrary, the cashier staff is trained as close as possible to the installation date so that they are ready to sell immediately after installation.

Training Centres

Our training centres are equipped with the appropriate hardware and software to train new users, including real peripherals which users work with at the petrol station. One training centre is at the company headquarters in Třebíč and the other one is in Prague. Both have a capacity of up to 10 participants. We always offer the more convenient place to our clients.

Our clients get an overview of all the system possibilities and can test the individual features under the guidance of our lecturers, where we are happy to answer any questions. Our trainings are always adjusted to customers individual needs.

Other Trainings and Consultations

Trainings for new staff or newly purchased modules can be arranged at any time during the systems operation.
Similarly, individual consultations on specific topics that cannot be explained on the phone, can be agreed at any time.

We train these products:

  • Fuel 3000
    Control system for non-public, unattended petrol stations
  • Fuel 2000 Enterprise
    Control system for non-public, unattended petrol stations
  • EuroShop
    Point of Sale system, Back Office system
  • HOS
    Head Office system
  • Euroshop3
    Point of Sale system, Back Office System, Web Office System
  • Bonus Management System
    Loyalty module (loyalty system for earning and burning points), VIP module (for managing discounts)
  • Fleet management System
    Fleet cards management within petrol station networks

Products that are no longer sold,
but we still run the user support:

  • Fuel 2000
    Control system for non-public, unattended petrol stations
  • Shop 2000
    Point of Sale system, Back Office

Training foreign customers and service partners

Our software is available in many European languages. That is why our team also provides training to foreign customers and their service partners. We train in Germany, Austria, Poland, Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania and other countries. Check out our foreign-language manuals:

User Manuals

Integral parts of our systems are detailed manuals that provide a thorough description of all available system functionalities, demonstration of individual screens and step-by-step processes. If it’s necessary to pay special attention to some steps or functions, because their incorrect settings may indicate unwanted behaviour of the program, there are warnings in bold with explanations in these manuals. Manuals are available in printed and electronic form. The content is being continuously revised and updated with changes and new releases. For new users just starting with our system, there are supporting documents available to help them prepare with the transition to the new system. Take a look into our manuals:


All user questions are referred to our Customer Service Centre, which is running nonstop. Our colleagues are ready to deal with common user issues as well as technical problems. If a customer needs to deal with a wider user problem, the Customer Service Centre will pass the request further and you will be contacted directly by a lecturer, who will guide you through the problem in detail. User support from our lecturers is available on weekdays, always between 9am and 5pm.