Card systems are run in the Unicode datacenter with Geo-cluster architecture with the highest system security in high-availability mode. All products from the group of card systems are updated at least twice a year as part of the strategic development of our company. The technology infrastructure is based on IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Ingenico, Thales and Safanet products.

Secure authorisation

This key component of all of our payment and loyalty systems is operated under high availability at our own Authorization Center. The authorization system is secured to meet all the requirements of both, our own and other operators. This system is subject to regular security audits. Its key modules include online authorization of payment and loyalty transactions H2H communications with HOST authorization system log, voice authorization and high performance Antifraud protection

Acceptance of third-party fleet cards 

We are able to offer the acceptance of any third-party fleet cards to petrol stations, such as Eurowag, DKV, UTA, CNG, Shell, Gasoline, OMV Routex, Eni Routex, EuroOil, CCS, MOL / Slovnaft. The implementation of not yet accepted fleet card into the authorization system is a matter of several weeks. The acceptance of fleet cards at the petrol station is normally via a bank terminal, whose applications support the acceptance of fleet cards or authorization is enabled through a separate terminal.

Issuing your own fleet cards

The system for issuing your own fleet card is based on the IFSF platform. This system is based on years of experience with the operation of both small and large card systems. We offer a modular and integrated service system.
Its key modules include:

  • Registration and management of customer centers and cards
  • Printing and personalization of cards
  • Printing pin envelopes
  • Pricing for contractual customers
  • Automatic Invoicing
  • Linking to a bank account
  • Billing of sales of goods and services
  • Customer portal
  • Report settings

Central loyalty and discount systems

We offer a possibility to use tools, that will cover all operators service stations as a part of the marketing support of sales of goods and services.
The central loyalty program works on the principle of collecting points that customers receive for their purchases of fuel, goods and services at the petrol station. Customers get discounts for additional purchases for collected points or exchange points for gifts at a petrol station. Collecting points is possible on individual cards or a shared account of multiple members of the loyalty program.
Central discount cards provide a direct discount on fuel, goods or services at the station’s entire network of petrol stations when pre-paid at the station.
Central vouchers for goods or services provide discounts, free gifts or credit, that can be used for purchases at a petrol station. Vouchers are accepted at the service stations of the operator and the voucher is invalidated after using the voucher.

All this is in an automated form with a high level of protection against system misuse or reward by operator or undesirable customer behavior.