Wet & Dry combines fuel sales with refreshment sales in one device.

CardManager Wet & Dry is the most signifi cant “fl agship” product from the OPT series produced by UNICODE SYSTEMS.

The unique design combines a classic outdoor OPT with a large 32-inch touchscreen food ordering display. Similar device has been seen only in fast food restaurants till the present time.

The design can be single or double-sided and is adapted for mounting on the petrol station island. The device is designed especially for large petrol stations with gastro shops. Customer can order refreshments, learn about sales promotions, or watch advertising clips with new products while refuelling. Payment for fuel or other goods can be made either directly on site via a payment terminal, in the shop at the cash register or in combination. The device is also ideal for electric charging stations, where the customer spends much more time than when refuelling.

The Wet & Dry system includes advanced software for managing graphics, sorting gastro products into groups, supporting marketing events, managing promotional video clips and other functions.