Convenient model allowing all types of payments including cash acceptance.

  • Designed for public and unattended stations
  • User friendly touch screen interface 12”
  • All types of payment – bank / fleet cards, cash
  • Cash supported in CZK, EUR, HUF
  • Fully integrated into EuroShop ECR and HOS solutions
  • Management of other OPTs
  • Loyalty Systems supported, station cards etc.
  • Promotional presentations on the screen
  • Robust construction and safety features
  • Timeless design

OPT CardManager is a separately installed equipment, a self-supporting pillar with dimension 40 × 40 × 175 cm. It can manage up to 32 fuel dispensers. In mixed operational mode is CardManager fully integrated into EuroShop ECR system as another POS.

CardManager can be equipped with a bank terminal with contactless reader, RF proximity card reader for local cards, magnetic card reader, local cards reader, printer, cash acceptor and barcode scanner. CardManager supports the acceptance of all types of payment such as cash, bank and fleet cards, any loyalty cards, station cards or vouchers. Configuration allows the integration of a fiscal printer in the fiscal countries.

Safety features include a security camera, shock sensors, an alarm, and in the case of cash, also a reinforced burglar protection door with a lock.

Compliance with international regulations:  CZ, SK, AT, DE, HU, RO (fiscal, metrology)