Simplified most economical version

This device is designed to operate at car washes, petrol stations and electric vehicle charging stations in several EU countries. It is used for pre-authorisation, product selection and payment. The CardManager Mini is equipped with a 7-inch LCD touch screen, top lit bank terminal PIN PAD, contact and contactless bank and fleet card reader and a document printer with an illuminated output.

The interface is designed with the customer in mind so that the operation is clear and user friendly. Customer accessible components are installed on the front panel of the device and other functional components are mounted inside the device casing. It is designed and developed to be easily maintained and serviced to reduce downtime such as changing the thermal paper roll in the printer.

CardManager Mini was designed to be installed as a stand-alone or wall-mounted unit. It is designed and constructed to meet the requirements of IP 54 except for the bank terminal and printer areas where the degree of protection is lower. Because of this weather protection, the front of the device is positioned at an incline to consistently prevent water from entering the card slots or printer outlet. Therefore, the device is usable outdoors without the need for additional roofing. CardManager Mini is designed to be mass produced. 

  • Best price versus performance ratio
  • Support for all types of non-cash payments
  • Loyalty systems support (QR or Barcode)
  • Fully integrated to Euroshop system ECR, HOS
  • User Friendly Touch screen interface 7”
  • Promotional presentation on the screen
  • Easily integrated at petrol station
  • Wallmount or Stand-Alone construction
  • CarWash solution available
  • Timeless design