Professionals in our field

We are a highly motivated and efficient team of over 120 professionals and experts. We have gained confidence to be open and transparent. We keep our word, we understand our work and we work together for your customers.


The vast experience gained in working with large and small petrol station operators is constantly being included in the development of our systems. We are improving our existing products following new trends in technology in line with the customer´s and business needs.


We have been operating our systems and products in the oil and gas industry in 11 European countries for more than 25 years. We are devoted to our customers and are rewarded by their loyalty.


Our years of experience in the Czech Republic and abroad, knowledge of the industry and a strong team, make us the right partner for your project.


We have a common vision and goal with strong company values based on open negotiations, long-term commitment to our customers, their satisfaction, innovative spirit in everything we do and supplying high quality products and services that increase the productivity and competitiveness of service stations.