Our cutting-edge solution ensures seamless user experience for electric vehicle charging, matching the convenience of traditional fuelling while meeting the highest standards in customer-driven self-service payment processes for both station operators and drivers.

With OPT CardManager, you can now pay for electricity using standard bank and fleet cards without the hassle of registering with an electricity provider.
Our solution allows payment with all major fleet cards, catering to corporate fleet operators who have a significant share in the EV market. OPT not only
enlarges existing e-roaming payment methods and thus enhances the accessibility of charging stations for the general public.

The charging station can thus be an integral part of the standard network of petrol stations, both technically and through the use of means of payment
and transaction data processing.

The entire solution is completely independent of the type of charging station, OPT communicates with all existing charging network management systems
based on the standard OCPP protocol via the UNICODE PowerHUB cloud application.


  • The same solution for both stand-alone charging stations and charging
    stations at petrol stations
  • Independence from the type of charger – the OPT connection
    does not interfere with the charger hardware
  • Economy – one OPT can control several chargers at one station
  • Simple payment and charging management process
  • OPT does not restrict existing e-roaming payment methods in any way



  • Economical solution – one OPT unit can serve several chargers / charging points
  • Intuitive user interface via 7“ touch screen
  • Supports OCPI or OCPP protocols
  • Barcode / QR code scanner for loyalty cards and discount vouchers
  • The IP 54 protection allows operation without using a shelter


  • Ideal solution for bigger petrol / charging stations with gastro refreshment shop
  • One OPT unit can serve several chargers / charging points
  • The customer orders refreshments in the shop on a 32“ touch screen during charging
  • Barcode / QR code scanner for accepting loyalty cards and discount vouchers
  • The device is intended for outdoor operation under a shelter
  • Supports OCPI or OCPP protocols


  • Payments by all bank cards without the need to register with an electricity supplier
  • Payments with all common fleet cards (Routex, DKV, UTA, AS24, MOL, Orlen and others…)
  • Payments with local cards, protected by a PIN, either for the operator‘s own consumption or sale to contractual customers
  • Possibility to use various loyalty programs
  • Receipt printer as an option

Expand payment options and increase user comfort with our OPT models for EV chargers