More news – ECR Monitoring

This application allows real ON-LINE monitoring of every connected OPT – the status, operation, and hardware. Proactive monitoring tracks communication and functionality of all components. Detailed breakdown of available operations, including history, enables preventive and operative solution of various situations.  


CAR Wash OPT We are introducing the new CAR Wash OPT, which is designed to sell and apply wash programs and also to control them. The new product range is a response to increased interest in the integration of wash portals and boxes. This type of OPT can also be used for reinstallation of our…


Technology Park Brno

The coronavirus has brought a high demand for self-service OPTs. We expanded our production facilities to the premises of the Technology Park in Brno with a total area of 500 square metres and started to produce up to 100 pieces of all OPT models per month.


CardManager Wet & Dry

Newly on the market is our CardManager Wet & Dry for fuel and refreshment sales. Its unique design combines a classic outdoor OPT with a large 32″ touchscreen food ordering display, which is mainly used in Fast Food restaurants.


GasNet LNG stations

We are launching GasNet’s first self-service LNG petrol stations. We see LNG as one of the future fuel alternatives for truck transport.


ČAPPO 23.06.2016 we became members of the Czech Association of Petroleum Industry and Trade. ČAPPO represents companies from the petroleum sector, which includes refining, distribution, and marketing of petroleum products in the Czech Republic. ČAPPO members support industry collaboration and dialogue in the areas of safety and transport, providing expertise, influence, and flexibility for those…

2011 – 2017

ECR EUROSHOP into Europe We are entering other countries in Southeast Europe: Slovenia, Serbia, Romania, Moldova, and Bulgaria. The ECR EuroShop implementation and deployment project is in total on 940 stations. We are also entering the Polish market where we are installing the ECR EuroShop for 30 Tesco stations. The development of a new generation…

2009 – 2010

Our market share is 80-85 % Our market share in the domestic market is around 80-85 % (POS, BOS, HOS and OPT). In the Czech Republic and the EU, EuroShop POS, BOS and HOS systems are successfully operated in petrol station chains. 840 stations OMV – Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary.    300 stations + 3…

2005 – 2007

Entering the EU market Our further commercial success has become by entering with EuroShop system into the EU market. Participation in foreign tenders led to three important contracts – Agip Czech Republic and Slovakia, Slovnaft Czech Republic and the largest – OMV Czech Republic. In 2005, the first version of the central management system EuroShop…