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An integral part of the services provided by UNICODE SYSTEMS is also comprehensive support for the operation of petrol stations and central systems. In the form of management support through the Competence Centre, as the service operates at present has been set on the basis of our time achieved best-practices in 2009. The key objective of the newly built division was to ensure maximum and qualified support to our users directly via telephone line and maximally speed up of servicing via remote access.  In the case of necessary visit was objective the most accurate brief of onside technician and made service intervention in the shortest possible time.

User queries and service incidents are forwarded to the Competence Centre via mail or phone, and equal priority is assigned directly according to importance of the impact on the operation of the petrol station or central systems. According to this classification incidents are handled and processed during contractually predetermined period, which needs to be dealt with. All communication and gradual solution of incidents is recorded from the takeover in the internal helpdesk information system which is also accessed by customers. It is due to be able to monitor the status and gradually resolve incidents.

Services of Competence Centre provide three independent infrastructurally connected sites of which, two are always parallel occupied by a team of 2-3 technicians serving 24/7. The total number of people on the shifts is more than 40 skilled technicians who regularly alternate on both telephone support and on physical installations and service trips. In this way, a regular training as the maximum qualification of technicians and their contact with the practical operation of petrol stations.

Currently, this set of organizational and technical measures delegated under Competence Center manages more than 1,200 gas stations using this service, provides:

87% trouble ticket solved remotely by 1st level support – HelpDesk
(phone call or remote maintenance)

5% solved by Expert Group

4% solved by 3rd parties

4% onsite repairs (majority HW problems)


  • Minimize of lost operating time of the petrol stations (Station Downtime = Financial losses, Decline in consumer confidence)
  • Minimize of on-site repairs (technicians on-site)
  • Solve more than 90% of troubles remotely
  • Prevention of the defects, errors  and incidents
  • Ensuring of the best quality of customer support
  • Creating of incident and Service solutions Knowledge DB
  • Statistics of the defects and its treatment
  • Supervision of third parties (= everything under control)
  • Satisfied customer


  • Qualified technicians at the Hotline
  • Practical knowledge of the petrol station environment
  • Evidence of the incidents in the shared on-line ticketing system with access for customers
  • Advanced support of Expert Group (2nd and 3rd Level Support)
  • Incident/Problem Monitoring and Escalations
  • Incident/Problem Management Reporting
  • Trouble shooting skills in operating ECR systems vs. HW components


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